As a fitness and life coach, I have worked with dozens of amazing people.

Many have sought to improve their overall health, mobility and strength, which is the core of my purpose.  I don't see the point of being at 5% body fat and feeling lethargic and sick all of the damn time.  Whether you are looking to get in shape, or completely transform your life, I can help you.

I offer: private fitness and life coaching services, as well as online coaching.

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“Committed, passionate, knowing when and how to push you through that extra rep or up that final hill, Damon’s connectivity and know-how as a trainer can only yield the best results. “

Steven Todd Smith, Reiki Healer/Nutritionist, Los Angeles

“Damon is not only a trainer — he’s a motivator and a friend, and he truly cares about you and the goals that you set for yourself. I honestly wouldn’t work with any other trainer.”

Brian L., Writer/Photographer, Los Angeles

“He is firm but kind, extremely knowledgable both about fitness and nutrition but best of all, I can see and feel a result since I began working with him just a few months ago.”

Beth-Ami H., Musician, Los Angeles

“He is professional, motivating, knowledgable and a genuinely good person.  I’ve been working with him for 2 years now and am in the best shape of my life.”

Fred H., Hedge Fund Investor/Entrepreneur, Los Angeles

“Where to start, Damon is an awesome trainer, hands down. He seriously knows how to kick your ass and motivate you without making you hate working out.”

Christian B., DJ and Producer, Los Angeles

“Working-out with Damon twice a week, I’m leaner, healthier, and my strength and endurance have been increasing.  Damon is also very responsive, consistently on-time for our sessions, and extremely passionate about fitness and nutrition.  His passion for his profession shows through his constant research in the field and introduction of new/fresh routines.”

Eric B., Technology Engineer, Los Angeles

“Since I began working out with Damon I’ve felt my fitness goals of endurance, strength and confidence go up. My asthma has improved and I overall feel better. I believe I have accomplished my goals, thus far! Thanks, Damon!”

Tanya C., Entertainment Producer, Los Angeles