Dear White People

Dear white people,

Let me begin with a question -- Why is it so hard to love?

I know that many of you are fed up with hearing about America's race issues. You have had your fill of the hundreds of videos of innocent black and brown people being executed by our police. And I know that our protests are a painful reminder of how much further this country must go to be great again.

And I know you've had enough. 

Guess what, so have I. 

However, I've witnessed too much racism first-hand, had my own life threatened and even been called ni**er-lover several times, to remain silent. 

Listen, If you are on the side of love, tolerance and real respect, please speak up. When you witness racism, sexism, homophobia or hate of any kind, do something about. Don't just flip the channel. Don't be afraid to do what is right and call out the bigots for what they are. Because being a silent spectator on the sidelines isn't going to change shit. It isn't.

We all need to rise up and do something about it.  

I am tired of listening to privileged white people say that racism isn't real, or it's simply race-baiting.  You know what?  It doesn't matter whether the Charlottesville Nazi rally was state-sanctioned or not because people fucking showed up.  People died.  

What more needs to happen before the silent majority steps up and becomes a part of the solution?

If you want to make America great again, start here:

1) Call and write your local police department and demand total accountability for every officer that abuses their power.  There is no reason that the officers that killed little Tamir Rice can keep their badge. None.  Demand justice.

2) Call and write your government officials and demand change.  If they hear from enough people they will take action.  Stop being lazy.

3) Attend protests.  Show up for the minorities that are the real victims of this Alt-right hate.  Once again, we have strength in numbers!  Let's rally.

4) Stop funding and supporting racists and bigots.  Do a little research and pull your money out of any business or organization that profits from or condones racism and hate of ANY KIND.  Yes, the NFL is included in this.  Money is power and power affects change.

5) Have real conversations with people different than yourself.  Get out of your bubble and talk to people.  Use the internet if your community lacks diversity. This is probably the most important thing you can do.  And let me tell you something: You will learn that black people are not scary monsters.  The gay, lesbian and trans people in your community are not dirty child molesters.  And Muslims are not terrorists.  

Wake up, white people!  We can make a difference.  Let's stand against hate by standing with all our brothers and sisters.  

Let me end with a this question -- Why is it so hard to love?



Damon ValleyComment