This is not exclusive to elite athletes, everyone is vulnerable if adequate rest and nutrition are not present.  I have personally dealt with this in the past, and it can be damn frustrating.  Here is what I have learned:

1. Sleep is more important than we realize: Everyone needs a different amount of time in the sack, so set an 8 - 9 hour target.  After a few days of adequate rest, you should begin to feel more alive upon waking.

2. Dairy is the enemy:  For me, once I got off of dairy, I recovered more quickly and had less inflammation and DOMS.  Simply replace your whey/casein tit juice with an amazing alkalizing brown rice powder ( or hemp powder.  Both are amazing in recovery.

3. Let your muscles recover for a day or two after intense training.  They grow while at rest, so let them truly rest.  I currently follow a four day routine, two full body days and two split days, which is working well for me.

4. Take a week off from the gym.  True rest is vital for your body to recover completely, but it is also great for your mind.  After 5 days or so, you will be very anxious to hit the weights hard again, which gives that enthusiasm that you need. 

Anyway, if you have any of the symptoms of over-training, take a break and rest!

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