An Empire of Positivity

I am going to build an empire of positivity.

I am going to change the world.

One person at a time, one moment at a time.  

It all starts with one, right?  Why not me?  Why not you?

We could inspire the world to change together.

We could do one small thing every damn day and watch the whole thing just snowball.  Watch it gain momentum through small, seemingly insignificant, consistent actions.  Because that is what it takes: action. 

We have to do something!

Through our actions, we can create an empire of positivity.   An empire of inspiration.  Because that is exactly what this world needs right now.  Positivity and inspiration.  A whole mountain of it.

I mean, what in the world is wrong with the world?  

People treat each other like shit here.  

People don't respect each other here.  

People don't trust each other here.  

Just look around.

We are a sick nation, obese, lazy and unhappy.  We depend on the pills Big Pharm hand out like candy.  It seems like everyone wants something for nothing.  Nobody wants to work for it, sweat for it, bleed for it.  

Just looking around makes me want to puke.

I mean are we even living anymore?  Do we feel alive?  Or are we just living enough to call it basic survival?  The bills are paid, now let's self-medicate and watch some reality television for a few hours before repeating the cycle tomorrow.  

This is pathetic and unacceptable. Killing time is wasting time, and time is our most valuable commodity.  So what the hell are we doing with it?

Nobody has friends anymore. Not many anyway.  Just acquaintances. contacts and avatars on some social media platform.  Popularity contests of the interweb, really.  What can you do for me?  Where is the sincerity?

And don't even get me started on this 'killed by cop' shit going on across the country.  I am white and even I don't trust the police anymore.  I don't feel safe.  Being in an inter-racial relationship, I have witnessed racism first-hand and it feels fucking terrible.  It is both demoralizing and frustrating to be made to feel half-human.  

I think this life model needs to evolve.  I think that we need to step up and lead the charge.  

You can call me crazy.  I don't really care.  I actually don't care what anyone thinks about me anymore.  Life is too short to care about stuff like that.  I kindly raise my middle finger and say "fuck you.  I can and I will make a difference in this fucked up world."


This world needs more expletives.  It needs more fire, more passion.  From everyone.  It needs more vision, it needs more focus.  From everyone.  It needs more consideration and respect.  From everyone.  

The world needs more inspiration.

We need to be inspired or we die.  It is the same for everyone else, children and adults alike.  Without inspiration, we all become miserable cogs in the gears of this industrial machine called life. 

Inspiration makes all possible.  It all starts here.  A chain reaction.  We need to break away from what is considered normal and safe.  We need to do something crazy!

Inspire yourself.  Do something you've always wanted to do, but were afraid of doing, and just watch the way your world changes around you.  Value yourself more.  Exercise and eat right.  Rebel against the system!  

Inspire your children.  Show them that it is okay to dream, to take risks.  You are their greatest influence, whether you believe it or not.  So don't waste it.  Teach them to rebel against the system!

Lead by example and inspire someone every day, and be inspired in return.  Daily.

Just imagine what we could do.  Imagine how much more amazing the world could be if we all just stepped it up a notch or two.  

Together, we can build an empire of positivity.

Damon ValleyComment